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Welcome to ACE CENTRO ENTERPRISES, your trusted supplier of cutting-edge construction equipment. Introducing the Atlantic Laser Screed ALS 800, a revolutionary four-wheeled, ride-on laser leveling machine that sets new industry standards. As the preferred choice for contractors, the ALS 800 boasts exceptional advantages that redefine efficiency and precision.
At the heart of the ALS 800 is a robust Honda engine, delivering unmatched power and durability to effortlessly tackle high-intensity tasks. This petrol engine not only enhances longevity but also guarantees superior performance, ensuring a seamless and reliable operation throughout your projects.
Experience the future of construction technology with the ALS 800's innovative hydraulic motor and hydraulic vibrating system. Designed for maximum efficiency and output, the high-performance hydraulic motor ensures unparalleled results. The hydraulic vibrating system operates at elevated pressures, perfectly tailored to meet the demands of even the most rigorous applications. Compared to traditional electrical vibration systems, the hydraulic approach proves its superiority by offering more potent performance, ultimately refining the precision and effectiveness of the laser leveling process.
Elevate your construction endeavors with the unparalleled capabilities of the Atlantic Laser Screed ALS 800. Embrace its state-of-the-art features and embrace a new era of performance and productivity. Make the ALS 800 your trusted companion for every project, and witness how advanced technology redefines your construction experience.


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