Atlantic launches its new Cementitious Fireproofing/Plastering Machine AWP 5. It comes with a 2L6 Worm Pump which can handle a number of different materials like pre-mixed plasters, fireproofing materials, acoustic, fiber glassed reinforced materials and many more. The modular system is suitable for spray pumpable wet mortars with grain size of up to 4 mm and it's easy to use features makes operation on site simple and and economical.

Special Features

  • Geared Motor with safety lock ( no unintentional speed change ).
  • Compressor support plate.
  • Plug & Play ! Machine comes complete with mortar hose, air hose, spray gun, nozzle and remote control.
  • Lifting eyes - Easy to move the machine to higher floors of a building using lifting equipment.
  • Remote Control Cable - Allows for easy operation of the machine from a distance.
  • Cam shaft controller - Helps in quicker mixing in the pan mixer while the pump is turned on.


  • Base coat
  • Fire proofing mortars
  • Lime cement mixed mortars
  • Self-leveling mortars
  • Insulation coatings
  • Grouting materials
  • Texture coatings
  • Concrete repair mortars
  • Masonry mortar
  • Anchoring mortar

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