ASP 5000


Atlantic Sand/Screed Pump ASP 5000 is a well-designed and user-friendly pneumatic conveyor. It is simple to operate, easy to service and offers productivity of 5 m3/hr. Equipped with an in-built air compressor and a large vessel outlet, the machine is ideal for mixing and conveying sand, floor screed, gravel and fine-grained concrete to higher floors and longer distances.

The German engineered diesel hydraulic models come with a powerful Deutz diesel engine and a groundbreaking cooling system. The patented twin hydraulic driven cooling fans are designed for Middle Eastern site conditions.

A stainless steel hood displays the robust construction and quality workmanship. The machine features an automatic central lubrication system, a spacious work area for easy and quick maintenance and a fuel tank in steel construction, with filler neck positioned outside.


  • Stainless steel hood.
  • Integrated working light.
  • Automatic 2 bar shutdown.
  • Safety shutdown at the dome sieve.
  • Easy belt replacement of the mixer.
  • Corrosion resistant EPD coated frame.
  • Fuel filler neck positioned outside.
  • Height adjusting coupling device.
  • Mixing vessel with high-strength wear plates.
  • Lockable toolbox.
  • Rugged steel fenders.
  • Powerful/reliable Deutz engine.
  • Patented hydraulic cooling system.
  • Oil cooled screw compressor.
  • Fuel tank in steel construction.
  • Sturdy chassis with mechanical overrun brakes.
  • 1.9 ton or 2.5 ton axle as standard equipment.
  • Noise level as per 2000/14/EG guideline.

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